It is possible that some players are unable to play for a week but the app can create makeup games for these players. Basically, makeup games are games that a player missed from a previous week which they can still play on the following week. For example, each player is required to play 4 matches. If a  player missed one week, these games are added to the following week which means,  the player will have to play 4 matches for the current week plus  4 matches for the week they missed.

The app will automatically load all matches (current and makeup games) for each week and the auto-schedule feature will show the correct number of matches.

Important: The 7th week is the last chance for players who missed any matches. Currently, if the player misses playing in the 7th week,  then they are permitted to 'pre-throw' or 'makeup' their games by themselves. Missing week 7 is the ONLY time this is permitted.

Pre-throws and Makeup Games

If a player must miss week 7 then you can go into week 6 or 7 and check them into the week early as you would with a regular season. (See How to Create a League for details on checking in players) After the single missing player is checked in in the Matchup Section, you should click on their name then the option for Single Player Game will show. Click that button and you will be taken into play a game with that singular player. You do this 4 times total for the week missed.