1. Once all the players are added and checked-in, you can start the league and enter their scores

  1. Each player will have a target wood diagram and you can simply select the score based on where the axe landed in the Concentric circles

  2. The Match box records the score of each player per match. 

  3. Call Killshot button allows the player to hit any of the 2 small blue balls that is worth 8 points. 

  4. Switch Sides – allows you to switch the player’s target. This is optional.

  5. Drop, Fault and Zero is equivalent to zero (0) points. Make sure to select which is appropriate for proper recording 

    In a tie scenario, Sudden death throw button will appear

    Once it`s clicked screen will change to:

  1. If in case you made a mistake in recording the scores, you can go back and edit. To edit the scores, simply click on the score you want to edit and a pop-up message will appear asking if you want to remove the point

  1. Once all the scores are recorded, you can now click on the Done button.

Click on the Exit or Next Game button to select a new match.