YoReferee software suite helps axe throwing venues track scores, rank players, manage leagues, and increase guest satisfaction. Using this tool will require a small cost that goes to maintaining the server space to facilitate all the players in the app and this is why all venues must enter their credit card details so we can process the payments on time. Without this information, the app will not register the scores and any players will not be eligible for Worlds

How much does it cost?

                We bill $5 per player per season. This includes all unofficial (recreational) and marathon leagues.

                We bill $5 per player per tournament. This includes unofficial (recreational) tournaments.

How often do we get bill?

                Payments are automatically process/billed the nominated credit card details provided by the venue before the 3rd week of the league. Once payment is done, you will receive an invoice. If no invoice was sent, please contact us so we can check if the payment was successfully processed. Billing for tournaments will be charged the week following the event.