To create a tournament in the app, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Host Site

  2. From the left panel, go to Tournament tab then click on the Add Tournament button.

  1. In the Add Tournament page, simply fill-out the information then click the Save button.

  1. Tournament Name – Enter the tournament name. 

  2. Date– enter the date of your event

  3. Time – Allows the user to know what time the event starts

  4. Contact information – Enter the contact information of who should be contacted regarding the tournament. This will be public knowledge to all who view the page. 

  5. Tournament type - select the type of tournament among the three categories 

Should the league be no longer needed, simply click on the Edit button from the League list and in the League settings, click the Delete League button. 

Important: We recommend not to delete any tournaments you've completed. It should only be used if you no longer want to have scores from tournament on the app’s venue profile.

  1. Big Axe and Duals Leagues

Should the league be no longer needed, simply click on the Edit button from the League list and in the League settings, click the Delete League button. 

  1. Whe selecting Start Tournament, you will then dd the players. Click on the Add Player button. In the Add League Player page, it shows the list of existing players which you can choose to add in the league but you can also add new players by selecting the Create New Player option.

  1. The next step is to Check-in the players. Checking-in the players who arrived on the venue to allows you to set-up the match-up

When selecting Check in You will be presented with three options for the Tournament

  1. Round Robin
  2. Qualifying Round
  3. Playoffs

Round Robin

The Round Robin tournament-style acts just like our regular leagues. It's no different allowing 4 matches per player. 

Qualifying Rounds

This option is for top points after a certain amount of throws. It is not intended to be a tournament on its own but fee into the Playoffs, primarily used for seeding them. Though you may use is as a tournament on its own. 

When selecting Qualifying throws you must also specify how many throws you would like to qualify from 40, 30, 20, or 10. 

Once you check in all the players, you will then go to the Matchup section and select which players you wish to do their throws by clicking on pairs of players. 

If there is a single-player out that cannot be paired, you can click on Score Single Player Match.

Once all throws are complete then this style tournament is done. If you should wish to use these qualifying throws as seeding for a larger tournament then you must go to the Game dropdown on the top right and select a new game. Then in Game 2, you will start a Playoff tournament. 

Playoff tournament

When checking in players for a Playoff tournament, it will ask you how to bracket the players. If you did qualifying rounds then you will be able to take the stats earned and it will be automatically uploaded to the qualifiers. If they did not participate in qualifying throws then the seeding will be random. 

Once the players are checked in and seeded how you wish, the tournament will start with a bracket. 

From there you just play through the matches that are automatically generated in the Games section until one person is declared the winner!